Bible study group

If you are looking for a bible study group with internationals, this is the place to be!

We host a weekly (three times a month) bible study on Wednesday evenings. We start with a dinner first, and then discuss a scripture text or our personal beliefs, by talking, sharing and praying together. As we all have different cultural and christian backgrounds it is very interesting to learn and grow with each other, each in our own way, while sharing the same faith. It is so great to share the gospel and have a good time, together with so many nice people from all around the world.

Last year we delved into the bible as “the bigger picture”. We tried to tie up the strands from the book of Genesis up to the Revelation; asking after God’s purpose in this world, and understanding some of the difficult questions in the bible, like – what on earth – is the connection between Adam and Eve and the story of Paul in the early church.

Whether you are a seeker or a believer (or somewhere in the inbetween), you are warmly invited to join us. You can contact us via the Facebookgroup or by e-mail, and someone will give you an update on the next bible study.

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