Slot Review: Dwarves Gone Wild

Dwarfs Gone Wild, Quickspin’s most anticipated slot release of 2018, flips the script on pluralism and cranks up the volume to 11. It’s evident that the Stockholm-based corporation is betting the farm on this one (or, if you include Snow White as an egg, eight). Bonus rounds, free spins, re-spins, mystery features, and unique dwarven wild symbols are just a few of the many extras packed into this game. Nothing is being held back; Dwarfs Gone Wild will provide the full monty.

Dwarfs Gone Wild: Detailed Information about the Slot Game

The developers of the slot claim that the game is inspired by the Brothers Grimm’s classic fairy tale published in the early 19th century. Most people nowadays, however, are more likely to have seen Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (1939).

The Dwarfs Gone Wild slot machine isn’t heavily based on the film. Instead, the enormity of the slot is a reflection of the magnitude of its affects. This position is as epic as its inspirations, which are also grand.


Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Hobbits and Elves

Cartoons featuring Hobbits, in particular Yosemite Sam.

King Arthur’s Legend of the Sword in the Stone.


Mad Dashes

The Marvel Movie Thor

Harry Potter (both books and movies)


Not only are there a plethora of characteristics, but there are also a plethora of inspirations.

Dwarfs Gone Wild: What Are Its Features?


We haven’t had a chance to try Dwarfs Gone Wild just yet, but we hear that the slot is packed with fun features at every level. Each of the seven dwarfs has a unique ability that awards wild symbols throughout the main game, and there is also a bonus game, free spin rounds, mystery features, and Snow White’s mirror. All seven dwarves (dwarfs) and their special abilities are listed below.


Bomber resembles Yosemite Sam (because of his enormous red beard) and drops traditional gunpowder bombs. Wild symbols are blown up by these explosives.


In the primary game, the minecart-driving Racer might appear and adorn the reels with wilds.


The Blacksmith, a dashing blonde man (who looks a lot like Chris Hemsworth’s Thor), creates stacked wilds by pouring molten metal down the length of full reels.


The Strongman is a small, old-fashioned Arnold Schwarzenegger who wears a moustache and vintage Victorian bodybuilding clothing to show off his strength while dropping wilds.


While sneaking up on his prey, the huntsman fires wilds onto your reels from a safe distance with a lovely antique gun.


When the smartest and oldest dwarf, the Wizard, shows up in the main game, you earn three free spins.


Banker — this character, who resembles a cross between the Monopoly Man and David Lloyd George, grants bonus multipliers for overall game success.


The highest paid icon in Dwarfs Gone Wild is Snow White herself. She has the power to activate the magic mirror bonus (the most beautiful in the land?), which grants the player an unlimited number of spins.


Your gold minecart meter will increase as you play. You’ll see this over on the reels’ left side. Your meter will increase with each spin that features a dwarf.


Added Value Functions

When you acquire three bonus diamonds on reels 2, 3, and 4, the bonus game will begin. Then, if your Golden Minecart meter is high enough, you’ll be whisked down to the depths of the mine, where you may enjoy a number of free spins and special dwarf bonuses.


Dwarfs: Go Wild Free Slot Game

Dwarfs Gone Wild does not yet have a playable demo since the slot machine has not yet been published. However, this trailer gives you a glimpse of the game’s visual presentation.


Both the RTP and the volatility of this slot have not yet been verified. As soon as the time slot becomes available, we will post an update.


One Take on Our Dwarves Gone Wild

According to Quickspin, this is their most important release of the year. This is their big movie for the summer. Everything we have read and seen points to it being an authentic adrenaline trip, with broad appeal and an abundance of content to keep players interested. You may even save your game and return to it later without losing any of your tokens or progress toward the Golden Minecart.



Exciting and entertaining plot

Allows both modest and large wagers

Play for free


Extra Difficulty Function

Extremely unsteady






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